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by a Human In Recovery

It’s official, I’m diabetic now

I made a significant change in my life at the end of 2013. I chose to stop living with the person I’ve been in and out of a toxically co-dependent and detrimentally dysfunctional relationship with for almost 18 years. I’m not sure that we won’t wind up together in the long run, but, if so, it is only going to happen if we BOTH focus on our individual healing and growth and IF we are able to create constructive solutions for co-parenting our five year old daughter while living lives separate from each other. If you want to read more about all of that and find out what else is going on in my life, you can visit my primary blog, Human In Recovery.

Complicated? You betcha’! Story of my life.

A significant component of my wellness journey means getting serious about Twelve Step recovery for my codependency and compulsive eating issues. The chronic physical and mental health issues I experience, dysthymia (cyclothymia?) and fibromyalgia, are exacerbated by the codependency and compulsive eating, which have both been lifelong issues. All of it has mish-mashed together within the context of this nearly two decade relationship to grow me into the woman I am today, the good and the not so good. If you want to read more about my recovery processing, you can do so here.

In addition to the emotional and mental health healing and recovery issues, there is the physical healing and recovery that needs to be consistently and constructively addressed. Due to the compulsive over/under eating, emotional eating, and self-harm through eating behaviors I weigh 263.6 lbs (down from 268.8 on January 1st, yay!). Between the episodes of depression, the fibroflares, and a lower back injury, mixed in with sheer mental/emotional laziness/fear about pushing myself physically and the repercussions I always seem to experience, I really not in good health, although it isn’t has bad as it could be. The truth is, my five year old calls all my body parts “poofy”: belly, legs, arms, and face. She isn’t judging me, but she instinctively knows she wants to be “straight” like daddy and not “poofy” like mommy.

The truth is, the weight, fibromyalgia, depression, hypomania, and codependence are all so convoluted and linked together, I know I need professional help in all these areas. However, I haven’t had insurance or access to the mental health or medical care I’ve needed.

The last time I had a primary care physician was 2010. I hadn’t seen a doctor since then – not even an Urgent Care or ER visit.

I’d sort of given up on having insurance or state medical coverage. I’d been in the state’s lottery based wait list for state sponsored medical coverage for awhile. Thanks to the very controvercial ACA, I now have medical coverage and had a new patient appointment a week and a half ago. My doctor called me with the results a couple of days ago, while there’s nothing to panic about, it is definitely time to make self-care and physical health a priority. I am officially diabetic and while my overal cholesterol number is acceptable, the underlying numbers for the LDL & triglycerides is not. Based on other things I experience with the fibromyalgia and mental health issues, I know that changing my dietary habits is going to be critical.

I’ve known for a long time that transitioning to a more Paleo/Atkins like nutritional lifestyle would be optimal for the conditions I experience and the things that need to change for me health wise. Going with raw/fresh veggies, lean protein, and maintaining low-carb/gluten-free nutritional intake will be the best thing I could do for my health, even if I can’t go organic.

It also requires a lot of changes in mindset, planning, organizing, balancing, and commitment ~ all things I have struggled with in the past. That being said, these are also all things I continue to seek out and have been practicing more of in the past year or so. I’ve also built up more of a support network and have actually reached out and made known what is going on and what my needs are for recipes and resources, as well as encouragement and support.

I started doing green smoothies the first week of January and walking 1 – 3 miles a day. Then I got sick with the flu and didn’t eat much for almost a week. During and after the flu I’ve struggled with my compulsive eating and poor food choices. That being said, I’ve already made progress this month. Today I measured my hip area, which includes a significant belly overhang, panniculus to be technical, which is a combination of the dense fatty tissue, but also a symptom of bloated and/or blocked intestines. I’ve lost an inch around there.

I’ve got an appointment with the Diabetic Nurse, they really should provide a different title for her, in a week and a half. In the meantime, I’m starting with the green smoothies again and planning to get back to walking and increasing my physical activity. I’m also seeing a therapist, participating in a couple of face to face educational and support groups, one faith based, one DBT based, participating in daily online Overeater’s Anonymous meetings, and preparing to work with an organization that helps people write through their abuse trauma to achieve healing and recovery.

2014 01 02 Baseline measurments pic collage 2014 01 02 Baseline pic collage


Day 16 of June 2013 28 Days To A New Me

The shiny, happy, joy, joy has worn off. The honeymoon is over, and the facade is wearing thin.

I’ve lost eleven pounds, and that felt really great to realize and to know, but it doesn’t seem to be enough to keep me motivated.

I stated that this month’s activity and food tracking goals are about raising my self awareness and managing the symptoms of fatigue, pain, depression, and hypomania.

Well, that has been happening, somewhat. I’ve had some break throughs, successes, failures, and growth.

It feels like all of May was rising to the mountaintop after winning what felt like a major battle, only to crest the peak and look out on the horizon and see enemy troops carpeting the valley below.

After two weeks of white knuckling my way through anxiety and not succumbing to panic, I had a significant spiritual breakthrough on Saturday, which led the way to some real intense work regarding my history and three of the most formative and significant father relationships in my life.

Last Monday I had a major episode where I let myself fall into the inertia of the depression, for one day, and didn’t move much at all in addition to major over-consumption of food. This time, Saturday was very full, active, and busy with a lot of breakthroughs, happiness and peacefulness. This led to a two hour conversation with my dad and a half an hour conversation with my uncle, which sparked an all day marathon of writing and processing of emotional and psychological issues that have driven a lot of the problems I have experienced and perpetuated in my life.

All of this factored in with current circumstantial crises and triggered apathy, pain, and fatigue which drained me of all motivation and ambition yesterday and is still asserting itself today. I feel numb and just want to sleep. I am forcing action and trying not to give the negative self-talk room to take root.

I’m not giving up or giving in, but I REALLY want to. My mood and thoughts are saying that nothing has really changed, even though I know different.

Time to get busy.


28 Days to a New Me: Day Six – Getting stronger

When I woke up the final time this morning (I’d woken up multiple times during the night – almost a nightly occurrence), I was on the verge of crying because of a dream I’d been having. I think it was about the grief from realizing how my own choices and inactions have cost me relationships with people whom I’ve cared about deeply and the fear of ultimately and completely losing the relationships with my children. I can’t recall the details of the dream. I probably should have journaled about it, but I let that moment pass and got on with my day.

I was hurting, especially the center of my lower back. The area where I think I herniated the disc last year. My left leg, especially the knee and ankle were singing a cereal tune: Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

I never did get to taking care of the laundry yesterday. Instead, I’d gone out to see a friend who was “hosting” a Cinco de Mayo event at a local food cart hub. Afterwards, I took my little Luna to the local department/grocery store so she could play in their on-site childcare facility while I had almost an hour to myself.

It wasn’t enough for either of us. We were both really tired, hot, and crabby by the time we got home.

I was, and am, feeling overwhelmed.

I’ve turned this little 15 minute a day commentiment to this 28 Day Challenge and have made it so much more than I intended or expected it to be. It’s what I do.

I love the skills I’m learning with doing the videos. I LOVE being engaged in developing mutually supportive and encouraging relationships with the other members in the group. I’m excited that by the end of this 28 day period I’m going to have moved a long way forward in establishing a new habit and will have actually followed through and fully engaged in ALL aspects of what I signed up for.

However, I realize that I haven’t really done something that challenged me at this level and fully engaged and stuck with it until it’s completion. At least not since I earned my H.S. Diploma from an Alternative School for Teen Moms back in 1990 – almost 23 years ago.

I finished the first term of college after that with a 4.0 and it went downhill from there.

So many different things I wanted to do and so many different responsibilities and commitments I wasn’t equipped or prepared to do, in the midst of the chaos of daily living just have consistently overwhelmed me time and time again.

I WANT to do this. I WANT the change. I WANT to use the momentum from this to propel me forward. However, the frustrations and fears keep rising up and choking me out.

I’m not going to let it take me down THIS time.

It’s 11:23 p.m. and I’m still trying to get this post written. The video is JUST now ready to go. The feelings and thoughts from the old tapes saying that I’ve somehow failed are trying to rise up. Never mind the fact that today I have accomplished the following:

  • Daily commitment to the 28 day challenge – I walked a little over 17 minutes. The goal is 15 minutes of activity.
  • Four loads of laundry sorted, sprayed, washed, dried, AND put away – Usually at least one or two loads is still waiting to be put away.
  • Meeting w/Head Start Home Visitor (and an impromptu advising session w/ME as advisor) – Usually I’m the one at a loss for how to cope and deal.
  • Online team support/encouragement given & received (ongoing) – I am the team “leader” for one of the small groups inside of the larger accountability group.
  • Head Start Policy Council Personnel Committee meeting – Approximately three hours, round-trip, for a 20 minute meeting, with my child in tow.
  • Playtime in the park (Luna “pushed” me on the swing) – Instead of rushing her home like I wanted to do, I let her play on the playground after the meeting.
  • Dishes done.
  • Child bathed.
  • Video edited and uploaded – I had to create storage room on my phone for the upload to happen, so, I also transferred all the accumulated pictures and videos from my phone.
  • Still upright – however my eyelids are drooping

I got up and got moving. I kept moving. When someone else was using the computer when I got home, I exercised patience and took care of other things. I didn’t let frustration, tiredness or anything else stop me. I did what needed to be done.

However, because I didn’t get this ONE thing done in the timely manner I wanted to and expected myself to have done, I’ve been feeling disappointed in myself.

I guess it’s time to heed my own words of encouragement that I gave to a team member when I responded to her post where she focused on not having fully achieved her goal:

You got out of bed. You committed. You put in the effort. You followed through. Perfection not required. Consistent effort equals progress – No Matter What. You progressed today and that’s what matters now and in the long run. YOU ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!

I am all these things. I am a work in progress and I am motivated to stay in motion.

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28 Days to a New Me Day Five – All activity is NOT created equal

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody. Interesting thing about this day that came across my Facebook news feed this morning:

“Happy gringo taco and beer marketing day!!!! -One American traveler, after spending a lackluster Cinco de Mayo in central Mexico, learned from a shopkeeper that it was just “a gringo holiday made to sell Mexican beer to Americans.” ‘ ~ Cinco de Mayo on Infoplease

Yesterday, when I mentioned to someone at church that it was Star Wars Day, she scoffed that people can make a day of ANYTHING! Which seems pretty true in the culture I live in, anyway.

I wonder why that is? Is it possible that in the lives of most people, in my society at least, there is so much striving to support lifestyles that people don’t truly enjoy and appreciate, so they don’t see any reason to celebrate just being alive every day? There are many who feel as if every day is a struggle for one reason or another. I know I’ve lived a significantly large amount of my life that way.

I don’t need to go into details at this moment. If you want to explore the TMI FYI on me, you can head over to my primary blog, Human In Recovery and start with the December 2011 archives to get a better understanding of what I’m talking about. Suffice it to say, I have struggled with what I have frequently considered more than my fair share of trials and troubles – consequences of less than good decisions on my part and the part of others in my life.

I’ve always kind of figured that my early life with the disruptions, dysfunctions, and chaos was simply by chance. I attempted to fight against family patterns, however, as I progressed, I found myself repeating them with my own personal little spin. The harder and harder I fought – with resentment, bitterness, frustration, and, let’s face it massive amounts of self-pity and an overdeveloped sense of the unfairness of it all – the deeper into the pit of depression, toxic co-dependency in ALL of my relationships, binge eating. I was in a negative feedback loop of monumental proportions.

I kept looking for fixes: therapy, education, groups, religion, 12 Step Recovery meetings. The thing is, most of the time, these actions and activities weren’t about fixing me, they were about manipulating and controlling situations, and the people involved, in order to let me stay the same and make my life easier. It has taken me over 20+ years to reach the point and to be the person I am today, on both the inside and the outside.

None of the external changes I attempted ever really “took” or lasted long. I could intellectualize, analyze, and give the proper and expected responses. Yet, even as I would go through the motions and pay lip service to the accumulated knowledge, none of it really “sank in” until I was able to reach the point where I finally had to admit that it wasn’t everyone and everything else in my life, it was me that was broken and I was powerless to get me out of the mess I had created as long as I relied on my own will, my own understanding, and continued to focus only on my pain and misery.

The Day Five motivational video for the 28 Days to a New Me series is called, “Not By Chance, By Change.” Robert said something that struck right at the heart of what I’ve done for the past two decades:

“A lot of people wallow and whine inside of themselves, but they never commit. They never make a commitment to change.”

As recently as two months ago, if I had heard that statement, the internal whine would have started up right away. Perhaps, even as recently as a few weeks ago. I would have pointed out all the obstacles, barriers and challenges I have: finances, physical health, mental health, family structure and relationships . . . and probably a lot of other things.

All of these things are real and valid concerns and issues in my life. They really are. But, somewhen down the line, probably in early adolescence, I concluded that I was more committed to my problems than I was to overcoming those problems. They defined me, they factored into every decision ever made to change my life, simply because each time I decided to do something to better my life, I went into it believing at the deepest levels that nothing was going to change.

What’s different now?


The pain of staying the same outweighed my fear of the potential pain that changing would bring.

Let me put it this way.

The pain and fatigue from the fibromyalgia, as far as anyone has been able to determine, is for no apparent reason. The root cause of it is not identifiable. Pain and fatigue cannot be measured in tangible terms. Although, new technology, fMRI can track the neurological pain responses in the brain of someone who doesn’t experience fibromyalgi and in the brain of one who does and identify that there are measurable and significant differences in the pain response mechanisms. However, it’s still subjective and specific to the one who experiences it.

The pain and fatigue of exercise is also subjective, but it has an identifiable cause and has been proven to have beneficial effects on the mind, body, and spirit.

I let the fibromyalgia define me and slowly, over the course of two decade change who I was on the inside in the way I thought and the actions I took or didn’t take. That life of a morbidly obese, anxious, depressed, sometimes manic, emotionally toxic person did not happen by chance. It happened by change.

That change continued until I had virtually lost two of the most important relationships in my life, the relationships with my adult children. That change continued until I recognized that the behaviors and actions of my youngest child, now four years old, were not conducive to her learning and growing up to be the healthy, functional person I dream of her being. Some of it may be just normal development for her ages and stages. Some of it may be organic, since I and my family have histories rife with mental illness, substance use and abuse, and probably an undiagnosed personality disorder or two AND her dad and his family have histories with those things themselves, it’s likely some of it is programmed into her DNA. Spiritually speaking, I do believe there are such things as generational curses, in the sense that the behavioral and thought patterns, the conditioned responses to challenge and conflict, and the cause/effect cycles from decisions put into play in prior generations, have a cumulative impact and effect on the current generation. Especially if the people in the generation preceding it were unconcious of it and unwittingly perpetuated the patterns.

The pain at the prospect of never having the possiblity of functional and healthy adult relationships with my children and the fear of living out the end of my life the way I witnessed my maternal grandmother live hers out, became greater than the pain of doing the hard work and looking inside of myself to see my own culpability and responsibility to make a difference in my own life and, hopefully theirs.

My life is being forged by change, not by chance.


28 Days to a New Me: Day Four – May the 4th be with you

Apparently, for some inexplicable reason, to me anyway, today is Star Wars Day. I first learned of it when I logged into the book of faces and a number of my friends had posted, May the fourth be with you. I have enjoyed the Star Wars movies, both trilogies, however, I doubt I can be considered a true “fan.” That being said, it’s kind of impossible to ignore, so, I decided to pay homage to it.

Moving on . . .

In the accountability group I’m part of for the “28 Days to a New Me,” a project with a book of the same title being released on Amazon in a couple of days, the founder and author, Robert Kennedy III, provides a short daily video, focusing on a different aspect of maintaining and following through on the commitment made for the 28 day period. My commitment is physical activity for 15 minutes each day. Other people have a variety of other commitments from eating green, reading books, intense physical training, and developing habits to overcome or manage other challenges in their lives.

Today’s video spoke about living in the world of reasons vs. the world of performance: a concept he learned about through working with a personal business coach.

The fact is that each and every one of us face challenges on a daily basis, some days (weeks, months, and years) more than others. Injury, illness, mechanical failures, grief, loss, and the list goes on . . . and on, and on, and on.

These things rise up and disrupt our flow, trash our plans, and generally seem to happen at THE. WORST. POSSIBLE. MOMENT. Especially if we have committed to doing something that is life changing for ourselves. I know because it has happened to me each and every time I have decided to take steps to get healthy –  mind, spirit, and body. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

For example: A little over a year ago I decided that the only way I was going to be able to get and stay motivated to attain more physical health was to walk the Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon that takes place here every May. Since I didn’t have the finances to pay for my own full registration and I also wanted to do something to “pay it forward,” AND I knew I needed training and suport, I decided to join T.E.A.M. in Training, a fundraising branch of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “We train to beat cancer!” A dear friend of mine had been going through a different form of cancer, as had an extended family member. In my mind, cancer is cancer. I realize there are a myriad forms of it and not every one is the same or has the same expected outcome. However, to me, anything I could offer to benefit cancer research in one area, has the potential to impact cancer research in other areas. At least that is my understanding.

After signing up, going to the initial meetings, and getting assigned the group I would be training with, I found out that the coach was a lady from my past who had been a significant influencer for me the first time I conciously made an effort to affect change in my life, way back in 1989. She is an amazing and beautiful soul and it just seemed like THIS. WAS. THE. THING!

Then, one morning, I was rushing my little girl out of the apartment door so I could get her to her Early Head Start program in time for me to make it to my job on time, instead of late, as had become my pattern in recent weeks. The apartment was a cluttered mess, as usual. For some reason, even though it was before Daylight Savings Time, I turned every light in the apartment out, before opening the door and without turning on the light in the entryway to our apartment. She stopped still, in front of me, quite suddenly, and I felt myself beginning to fall. I was close to what I weigh now, around 270, and she was probably about 30 – 35 lbs. I put my hand up to the short wall between the dining area and the entryway to keep myself from falling and felt something really bad happen in the center of my lower back.

I didn’t have insurance then and I still don’t, so I never got an official diagnosis. What I do know is, based on the continual symptoms I’ve had since that day, I probably herniated a disc or two. That put an end to my T.E.A.M. in Training dreams.

Now, retrospectively, I can see that the injury itself didn’t put an end to my dreams. Self-doubt and fear did.

I didn’t believe I could actually raise the money required to stay with the program before I would be on the hook for having to pay a minimum portion of the goal donations myself. I didn’t believe that I had the capability or the capacity to establish and build enough relationships with people who would pledge and donate on my behalf. I was also afraid of failing. I was afraid of failing to meet the commitment. I was afraid of failing myself. I was afraid of failing so many others the way I’d already failed so many people in my life, up to that point.

Then there was the physical fatigue and pain from the training I was being told about. I was fearful that the training would compound the fatigue and pain I already experience with the fibromyalgia.

There was also the additional expense of needing to get the kind of shoes and supports that I needed in order to train as well as a second pair I would need for the event itself. Due to my size and physical condition, I needed to go to a specialized shoe store to get shoes that fit correctly and specialzed arch support fitted to me. That first pair cost $100 and I had no idea where the money was going to come from to purchase a second pair.

All of these things were valid reasons and concerns. However, at the end of the day, the question is, “Did I do it, yes or no?”

No. Regardless of the reasons and excuses, fears and doubts, valid and invalid, I did not perform. I didn’t recommit every day to perform. I didn’t reframe my thoughts to capture the fears and doubts and wrestle them into motivation to prove them wrong. I focused on my lack and what I thought I couldn’t do, so that’s the reality I created for myself.

Last night, when I realized that there would not be anyone here to stay with my four year old so I could go walking AND that I had a busy day planned, which would challenge both of us and max out my physical, emotional, and social limits, I again started to experience those same old doubts and fears. Only this time, I posted how I was feeling in the group and got them out of my head. Then, I decided that even if I had to patchwork quilt my minimum 15 minutes of activity together today, I was going to make my commitment.

I got one response from a fellow group member:

I believe God will honor your efforts to committed and renew your strength . . . I’ll be praying for Him to make a special way.

A short while later I found out my oldest daughter would be coming to spend the night. So, when my eyes popped open, against my wishes this morning, the realization sank in over the course of about 20 minutes that I COULD go walking this morning and still get out the door on time to make it to church.

The “force” was with me.


Start where you’re at

Seems like common sense, right?

Yeah, sometimes with me, not so much. I wonder if I’m the only one who carries around the thought that I did the whole restart reawakening thing on July 22nd and got all gung ho about taking better care of me, then dropped the ball. So, now I have over three months worth of inactivity, poor eating, binge eating, and excuses to make up for.

Nope. Not gonna go there. I’m going to start where I am today, at this moment.

I missed two busses on my way to a mental health appointment for myself. Instead of calling and cancelling because of the time crunch and the physical pain of the fibromyalgia in combination with the possible herniated disc/pinched nerve/sciatica induced pain throughout my lower left side and ongoing, arthritis-like pain in the hip and knee, I decided it was too important to miss and I walked.

Well, hobbled really.

1.9 miles in 45 minutes. Three quarters of the way there my right ankle started hurting because I was favoring the left side too much. So, I figured out how to limp equally and balanced out the pain and discomfort. I survived. An hour later I reversed the process. However, I stopped and ate Taco Bell for lunch. Burrito Supreme, hard Taco Supreme, and Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea. Not the healthiest of meals, but I’ve chosen worse. Also, baby steps. Not gonna down myself for not having it all together this day, since I hadn’t actually planned on restarting my fitness routine. I’m just going to start where I’m at.

Later, I had my little girl walk the 1.4 miles to the gym so I could get in the pool and hot tub to try to counteract the pain and stiffness from all the other walking. It did help, a little. But, I’m about to take some P.M. pain meds and try to sleep.

With prayer and supplication I plead to God to save me from the fibro boomerang effect and be able to physically function when I wake up. It will be a new day and I plan to start where I am at then.


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I came across the plaintive cry of a fellow human in pain yesterday.  The same kind of pain I’ve been in regarding my weight and my body image.  Reading her words touched something inside me and reignited my desire to fight for my physical health.

The journey to health and wellness is multilayered and focusing only on one aspect: nutritional or physical without also addressing the mental/emotional conditions that underlie the dis-ease of being unhealthy and overweight, means that nothing ever really changes with any consistency for any length of time.  So, for now, I’m going to set a few small goals and take it from here.

1st: Nutrition Goal: Replace sugared & artificially sweetened beverages with water.  I will achieve that goal by drinking 8 oz of water before I take a drink of anything else. At the end of each day I will measure how much water I drank vs how much I drank of other beverages.

2nd: Activity Goal: Walk an hour a day.  Since I have fibromyalgia and am coming from a completely sedentary way of life, I will start with ten minute walks each day for five days. Then add a additional 10 minute walks each day until I am able to walk a total of an hour in a day.  Then work my way to walking an hour at a time.

3rd: Identify one self-defeating thought or belief and create an opposing affirmation. Each day I will start off with the affirmation, “I have the energy I need to make healthy choices today.” Then, whenever the negative, self-defeating thought regarding low energy/high fatigue levels hit me, I will choose to counteract them with that affirmation.

My plan for tomorrow is to wake up and take my starting measurements, not just physically, but also measure where I am in my thoughts, feelings, and physicality.

There are two important events coming up on August 11th and the following week, that I want to be prepared for as much as possible. I have 20 days before I will be around people I was in high school with a very long time ago.  It’s an informal 25 year reunion.  I know that many of us have the middle age spread.  However, thanks to facebook, I know that many of the others who are planning on being there do not.  I know that 20 days is not enough time to actually achieve much in the physical.  However, I believe that by doing this and addressing the mental/emotional while starting on the physical, I’ll stand a better chance at actually being present and experiencing the reunion and relating to the others in the here and now.


Walking with Walgreen’s

Well, here goes another new effort to get into my exercise groove.

I’ve been a total couch potato and numbing my brain and emotions with too much On Demand television.  Due to a couple of weeks off work and at home due first to a sick child and then due to no school for Spring Break combined with the inertia of apathetic depression, I have been overdosing on a variety of inane television, including Celebrity Apprentice.  The most recent episode had the contestants creating a starting kit for the new Walking with Walgreen’s program.  So, I decided to sign up for this and try to get moving again, since my last attempt to motivate myself by joining the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program to participate in the Portland Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon this year fell through…another story for another time.  Suffice it to say that events out of my control made it all to easy for me to give up my resolve.  Moving on…

I signed up online  a couple of days ago.  However, due to physical pain (severe lower back pain) and cold, wet weather, I didn’t walk more than my usual .9 mi/day to & from work.  Today, I did walk from work to the grocery store, to follow through on an errand I’d promised my adult daughter I would do for her, and then I walked to Walgreen’s.  Total walked from work to Walgreen’s = 1 mile.  Then I walked home which added .7 mile.  When I went to pick my daughter up from her Early Head Start program, I walked some more while waiting on buses, which added another mile to my total for the day. Here are the stats for today:

0.4 mi = Round Trip: Home to bus stop to get daughter to Early Head Start

0.4 mi = Home to work

0.7 mi = Work to grocery store

0.3 mi = Grocery store to Walgreen’s

0.7 mi = Walgreen’s to home

1.5 mi = Walking between buses: Home to Head Start & back

Grand Total for the day: 4 miles

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  It’s the weekend and the forecast is overcast and 57 degrees – so kind of cool and humid.  The plan is to visit my old church family in a city that is three buses and about an hour away from where we live.  Then go from there to my daughter’s grandmothers in a different city that is three more buses and almost two hours away from the church.  Not sure how much walking will happen during all of that, but I’ll try to stay on target.

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