Experiments in Health and Wellness

by a Human In Recovery

Accountability: 28 Days to a New Me

May 2013

  • Day One: Walked for 22 minutes in the morning, then went on a walk with my 4 yr. old that was slower and took longer, but still counts. Video
  • Day Two: Walked a total of 3 miles in two trips – The first trip was part of the 28 day journey. 2nd trip was walking with my adult daughter and her boyfriend to the grocery store and back. Video
  • Day Three: I spent approximately 45 minutes ACTIVELY cleaning my kitchen: Dishes, counters, putting away groceries and such. First appointment with new therapist for my youngest daughter and me to work on some of the behavioral and parenting issues we’ve had went successfully. Video
  • Day Four: Walked for a little over 27 minutes. Attended services at the church of my heart for the first time in two months. Ate too much “Cuatro de Mayo/Mother’s Day” potluck food. Lost track of kidlet too many times to count and many trips up/down stairs and around the building to locate her, with the help of many others. Engaged in f2f conversation with a dear friend. Took kidlet to Playland for an hour’s peace for me and an hour’s worth of uninterrupted fun for her. Was out of the apartment for over 8 hours straight! Video
  • Day Five: Walked close to 40 minutes through the neighborhood – down and around the local medical complex. Plans for the day include laundry, taking the little one to the park, and attending a Cinco de Mayo party hosted by Portland Food Cart Adventures at a local food cart pod/hub. 

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