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28 Days to a New Me: Days 8 & 9 – Resistance Training

on May 8, 2013

Yesterday marked the beginning of the second week of my 28 Day commitment to do 15 minutes of physical activity each day. I’ve met that challenge every day. The other piece is to post proof, which I have been doing, and is the reason I was doing the videos.

The thing is, I did something that is my habit to do and I under committed in the challenge itself and then created this huge internal mental and emotional pressure on myself to over-deliver.

I have this pattern of giving everything I’ve got in the beginning of whatever it is I’m doing and knocking it out of the park. I did this my first term of community college in 1990, I’ve done it repeatedly ever since then. I put it all out front and never hold anything back, creating or performing to the maximum of my ability, all at once, leaving myself nothing in reserve to get me through the long-haul. I guess you could say that in the race of life, I’ve been a sprinter and not a long-distance runner.

With this 28 day commitment, I’m building stamina and learning that giving it all I’ve got is not sustainable for the long-term. I have to figure out how to give it my all, in ways that don’t completely take me out of the game after the first inning. (Yeah, I know, lots of different analogies and metaphors for things I’ve never even done, but you get my meaning).

The other thing I’m learning is not to give up at the increased pressures of resistance, but to push back against it.

I’ve had technical troubles with my computer off and on since last September. It has been very frustrating and depressing at times when I’ve really NEEDED and wanted to write. Recently, I’ve been seriously exploring how I can take my writing to the next level from personal blogging and break into the world of professional writing, since I don’t have a degree or credentials to enable me to get a foot in the door through traditional employment means.

Yesterday, my computer got broken again.


The circumstances in which it happened were fraught with highly charged emotional energy. It wasn’t just the fact that this fairly essential piece of equipment was no longer functional, there were layers and layers of mental and relational issues going along with it. Pressures that had been building up due to other circumstances, of which being able to use the computer was an essential component for coping and creating solutions, and the loss of access to the computer was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. The emotional and verbal fireworks were intense and overwhelming.

I’ve gone through many of these kinds of explosive moments before, too many if the truth is told. However, what I can say about it is that all of the previous times I’ve worked through the “resistance” and difficulty of dealing with these kinds of moments and experiences trained and equipped me to handle this one better and more constructively than ever before.

Of course, just like is seen on the ground on January 1st and July 5th, there is remnant debris and litter from the fireworks. My level of energy and ability to cope with typical demands of the day were challenged. There’s clean-up and additional rest and withdrawal that I needed to do in the aftermath. However, because of what I’ve learned previously, the stamina and strength I’ve gained from going through those other experiences, means that my recovery time is quicker and the mess is less and easier to deal with.

As the Team Leader in my Accountability group, I posted this as a source of encouragement for them and as a reminder for me this morning: 

Good Morning Team FORCE! Are you experiencing resistance today? I am and it is NOT a bad thing.In the world of health, wellness and exercise, “Resistance training is any exercise that causes the muscles to contract against an external resistance with the expectation of increases in strength, tone, mass, and/or endurance.”

We push our leg muscles against the external resistance of the ground when we walk. We use weights and other equipment to strengthen our muscles and increase our stamina and endurance.

When the external forces of our lives bring resistance in the form of adverse circumstances- whether it’s a financial, relational, health/physical, or any other obstacle to us engaging in and pursuing our goals and dreams, we need to press into and against that resistance in order to strengthen our resolve and build up our stamina and endurance.Once we have done this and move through it, we will need rest and time for the mental/emotional/spiritual “muscles” to repair. We may feel weak and shaky during this time, it’s normal. Once we have allowed that rest and repair to happen, we will discover we have gained strength and stamina, in preparation for facing the next form of resistance.

If you are experiencing resistance, as I am, do not fear it, avoid it, or hate it. Welcome it and be thankful for it, because it is making you stronger and more able to achieve your goals.

We are Team FORCE and we use resistance to make us stronger!

 Have you found that times of resistance strengthen and increase your endurance and stamina?


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