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28 Days to a New Me: Day Two – A Purposeful walk . . . and unlikely gratitude

on May 2, 2013

Welcome to Day 2 of my 28 day journey to a new me.

If you are anything like me, exercising and fitness just for the sake of exercising and getting physically fit, is not a great turn on. As a matter of fact, for me, it is a HUGE turn off.

I’m not exactly sure why. I know that exercise does good things for my mind, spirit, and body. Somehow, though, that knowledge isn’t enough to motivate me just by itself. Perhaps it is part of the lifelong habit of not taking care of me because, somehow and for some reason, I don’t feel “worth” taking care of.

I know that healthy mom makes for a healthier child and since I want my four year old to be healthier than I have ever been, as well as “naturally” able to make healthier choices than I was able to teach her older brother and sister, who are now adults, to make, you might think that would be motivation enough. Well, it isn’t. Again, I’m not exactly sure why it isn’t motivation enough for me to get off my kiester and get moving, I just know that it isn’t.

Being somewhat task oriented, I have to identify a task that needs completing and know that I can somehow incorporate taking care of myself into the process of completing that task. Today’s task was to apply to get Luna into the full-day pre-kindergarten program at our neighborhood school for next year. She has already been accepted into the local Head Start Program to be in a classroom next year, which is a fabulous program. However, there are a couple of reasons I want to put her into the neighborhood school.

I have this dream, or goal, of building community relationships with other families who are nearby, which we don’t currently have. Having her be in the neighborhood school with kids she will progress into kindergarten, then elementary school with, will help me to do something for her that I never had a chance at and that my other children didn’t get to experience: stability of relationships with people outside of the immediate family, which will, hopefully, follow her into her adult life.

Part of this vision is that I will walk her to and from school each day, thus getting myself physically active at least five days a week and teach her to do the same. I hope that establishing the routine of walking to and from school each day will also serve as time and opportunity for us to bond and engage in being present, aware and interactive with our surroundings and each other.

That being said, we also live in the Pacific Northwest, where it gets cold and rainy . . . the kind of weather that can trigger a fibroflare of pain and fatigue, which can make it problematic if I have to walk very far facing the elements. I also don’t own rain gear (go figure) and know myself well enough to know that if the weather is too icky, I will definitely use the fibromyalgia fatigue and pain as an excuse not to walk outdoors. Thankfully, we have an EXCELLENT transit system here and the nearest bus stop to our home is approximately 3 blocks away and the bus line that goes to her school has stops within a block of the school going in both directions. So, even when the weather or the fibromyalgia rise up to dissuade me from leaving the apartment, I know I have zero excuse to prevent me from making sure I get her to school.

Knowing that she has a place in the local Head Start Program is reassuring and something to be extremely grateful for, which I am. However, the two nearest locations aren’t necessarily “ideal” to support my dream and vision for how I want to raise Luna in the near future.

Day two of my journey, included me taking steps to make this dream, as well as my other dream to become employable as or build a “saleable” portfolio as a “professional”  writer, more of a reality.

How so?

Well, first by writing about these things here on the blog. It adds to my content portfolio. Secondly, in today’s market, having the skill to write good content is essential. However, there is this concept of “branding,” which current wisdom dictates that I be able to express myself in other mediums as well, such as video.  Creating yesterday’s video taught me a lot. Today’s video built on what I learned yesterday. It is approximately twice as long, six minutes, and it incorporates music, which is available through the Splice app that I used to create it. I hope you enjoy it, I think it came out rather well.

Oh, and you’ll have to watch the video if you want to know what unlikely thing I am grateful for . . .


9 responses to “28 Days to a New Me: Day Two – A Purposeful walk . . . and unlikely gratitude

  1. brenda gary says:

    OH, I got stuck in the I don’t think I am “worth it” to take care of myself! I have been there and from one mom, woman to another.. let me be the first to tell you..YOU ARE WORTH IT! I don’t even know you, but believe it! Also, what helped me was to sign up for a race, and change my mindset to its not exercise,its training!

  2. Brenda,
    Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing your story and what motivates you. It does work for a lot of people. In yesterday’s post, I did mention that doing what worked so well for you, had not worked for me and that, for me, engaging in community with people I already have some kind of personal connection to and where there is mutual accountability and encouragement is what is helping me.

    I do, now, believe I am worth the effort. However, ingrained habits of thought and action are still in effect. So, committing to being involved with this community, as well as my personal commitment to write about it and stretch myself personally and “professionally” to chronicle this journey by vlogging, is part of me retraining myself to do the things that match my current beliefs and not fall back into or get stuck listening to the old tapes and repeating the old actions.


  3. I am so glad to find your blog! I live in the Willamette Valley 🙂 I think blogging about your goals will help you meet them. Good luck and God bless 🙂

    • Suzi,
      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found my blog as well! 😀 I agree that writing goals down helps achieve them by setting the intention. However, for me, that alone doesn’t pull the trigger. For me, at least in this present moment, being engaged in a supportive and encouraging community of people, where I already had at least one semi-personal connection, where accountability is NOT OPTIONAL, was what gave me the jump-start I needed. The fact that the accountability portion required “proof” of having completed my daily goal, the one I committed to the group to perform, meant that I needed to come up with a positive way to provide that proof. So, I realized that video would be the most viable option. Having perfectionistic tendencies, as well as having learned so much from so many fellow bloggers in the various Ultimate Blog Challenges I participated it, I just jumped in with both feet to figure it out. So, learning the new shiny toy of vlogging has helped keep me motivated. It is also providing me good content for this blog and providing fodder for my primary blog.

      Whew! That was probably too much info. However, the point is that writing these things down, in my case, appears to be an outcome and by-product as opposed to the foundation on which to accomplish my goals. If that makes any sense at all.


  4. Susan says:

    Just want to repeat what Brenda said: that you are worth it! I think that’s a crucial awareness you had, because motivation is all tangled up with self-esteem. So well done for committing to your 28 days to change. And remember that even small successes are still accomplishments – and those are the ones likely to bring lasting change. Love your videos, too, Kina. Keep them up! (No pressure, though.)

  5. Corinne says:

    I hope you are very proud of yourself already because I can assure you that everyone who is following your journey is. You’ve already made the most difficult step–taking action. I hope you will forgive yourself any slip ups that may occur along the way. No single choice or mistake will define you. Each moment each day is an opportunity to make positive choices and you’ve already proven you have the character, wisdom, and strength to make them. Good luck on your journey!

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