Experiments in Health and Wellness

by a Human In Recovery

28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear

on May 1, 2013

It’s been a long while since I posted in this blog. That would probably be that it’s been a long time since I really committed to putting me as a priority. I originally started this blog as a means of holding myself accountable to taking care of me. Obviously that didn’t quite happen. So, what was missing?

Accountability and community.

Knowing that at least one other person is engaged and willing to hold me accountable to following through on my own goals is a critical component, for me at least. However, the life I had built for myself was one of isolation and social avoidance. I had let go of most of my previous friendships (or they had let go of me) and the few supportive relationships I allowed myself to have were from paid professionals – specifically paid professionals who were standing in my many parenting gaps with my now four year old daughter, Luna. So, while their roles were/are supportive of me as a mother, which acknowledged I need to pay attention to me as a person, their focus has been on Luna’s social and emotional development, which is as it should be.

Paying for gym memberships, signing up (then backing out) of T.E.A.M. in training to raise funds and awareness for Lymphoma and Leukemia, and a myriad of other external tools didn’t do the trick for me. There weren’t any personal connections prior to my signing up for those things, no relationships outside of those arenas. Emails, general pep talks, and group training schedules just plain did not work for me.

In March I joined an group of supportive and encouraging people called Dream Stoker Nation. There were people whom I knew and already knew who I am, in a personal context, in this group of people. They were all pursuing their dreams, which are as dynamic and diverse as they are. I was happily welcomed into this group. One member, who is NOT someone I knew in a personal context, Robert Kennedy III, was talking about his e-book that is close to publication, 28 Days to a New Me. It sounded interesting, and as I’ve done so many times with so many things, I explored it and signed up.

More emails I probably won’t look at as they fill up my electronic inbox. Yeah, good move.

However, I was in the process of opening my primary blog, Human In Recovery, up to guest bloggers and invited Robert to join me in that endeavor. He did so with enthusiasm, insight, and caring. He also continued to post his personal progress toward his dream in our Dream Stoker Group. He did something else too. He would post questions and his updates which are designed to get people to state their intentions and goals, to commit to a course of action. He asked us to join him in accountability.

And so, on the final day of the calendar for April, I took the leap and committed to participate with a closed group of others in an online accountability and support group for engaging in 28 Days to a New Me.

Then I found out what the expectations were.

  1. Identify a single, doable, measurable goal to focus on for 28 days. Explain how you plan to achieve said goal.

Easy peasy. Erm, not so much. My manic mind swirled with the possibilities. Finally I settled on 10 – 15 minutes of some kind of physical activity each day, to be done first thing after I get dressed. Uh uh, not specific enough. Oh well, I don’t want to underset the goal with only 10 minutes, but because of the fibromyalgia, I don’t want to overcommit and not follow through. No worries, this is a judgment free zone. Go for the 15 and if you don’t quite get there, it will be fine, we’ll still encourage and support you. 15 minutes it is, then. Woohoo!

2. Post proof.

Um, say what? How do I do that? Being the wordsmith I am, I could write about the activity without ever actually doing the activity. That means video. Really, actually show my face and possibly body, on video, huffing and puffing my way through 15 minutes of activity? No one wants to see that, I’m sure. However, I couldn’t figure out any other way to accomplish said task.

Well, thanks to modern technology, you really don’t even need a computer or any technical skills in order to do such a thing. Who knew? I didn’t. Well, I suspected, but had never really seen the need for me to figure that out. Video blogging, vlogging, was not ever anything I could imagine myself doing in a million years. However, I was aware that YouTube has an app for my iPhone called YouTube Capture. So, I downloaded that. I used it to record a couple of quick vids at the beginning and end of my walk.

As I was walking, I took pictures of flowers, trees, and an urban farm that were along my path. I also took a couple of sceen shots showing the weather/temp, and my phone’s stopwatch showing the extra minutes I had walked after my 15 minute timer had gone off.

Once I got inside, I searched the app store for a video editing app and found an app called Splice. I watched the first video tutorial then played around with my first project. Once I was relatively satisfied I used the YouTube Capture to upload the video, then posted the link into the group.

Here is the finished product and proof of Day One of 28 Days to a New Me.


14 responses to “28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear

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  2. Fabulous post and a great way to keep us updatd . It is great to see you and hear a voice to put to the writing!
    Well done for sticking to day one of your challenge. Keep it up!

  3. Great work Kina!! It’s going to be challenging but you can make it happen!

    • Robert,
      It is going to be challenging. But I already have learned a few things from it, other than how to do the video. I think the most important of which is that I don’t feel like I have to hide as much as I used to. It’s still there, to be sure, but there is much less anxiety and self criticism going on than I expected to have happen. I’m definitely happy about that. Thanks for challenging me.


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  5. article and video …best of luck 🙂

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  7. […] 28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear (experimentsinhealthandfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  8. […] 28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear (experimentsinhealthandfitness.wordpress.com) […]

  9. […] 28 Days to a New Me: Day One or How I managed to get my butt in gear (experimentsinhealthandfitness.wordpress.com) […]

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