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by a Human In Recovery

Start where you’re at

Seems like common sense, right?

Yeah, sometimes with me, not so much. I wonder if I’m the only one who carries around the thought that I did the whole restart reawakening thing on July 22nd and got all gung ho about taking better care of me, then dropped the ball. So, now I have over three months worth of inactivity, poor eating, binge eating, and excuses to make up for.

Nope. Not gonna go there. I’m going to start where I am today, at this moment.

I missed two busses on my way to a mental health appointment for myself. Instead of calling and cancelling because of the time crunch and the physical pain of the fibromyalgia in combination with the possible herniated disc/pinched nerve/sciatica induced pain throughout my lower left side and ongoing, arthritis-like pain in the hip and knee, I decided it was too important to miss and I walked.

Well, hobbled really.

1.9 miles in 45 minutes. Three quarters of the way there my right ankle started hurting because I was favoring the left side too much. So, I figured out how to limp equally and balanced out the pain and discomfort. I survived. An hour later I reversed the process. However, I stopped and ate Taco Bell for lunch. Burrito Supreme, hard Taco Supreme, and Lipton Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea. Not the healthiest of meals, but I’ve chosen worse. Also, baby steps. Not gonna down myself for not having it all together this day, since I hadn’t actually planned on restarting my fitness routine. I’m just going to start where I’m at.

Later, I had my little girl walk the 1.4 miles to the gym so I could get in the pool and hot tub to try to counteract the pain and stiffness from all the other walking. It did help, a little. But, I’m about to take some P.M. pain meds and try to sleep.

With prayer and supplication I plead to God to save me from the fibro boomerang effect and be able to physically function when I wake up. It will be a new day and I plan to start where I am at then.


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