Experiments in Health and Wellness

by a Human In Recovery


I came across the plaintive cry of a fellow human in pain yesterday.  The same kind of pain I’ve been in regarding my weight and my body image.  Reading her words touched something inside me and reignited my desire to fight for my physical health.

The journey to health and wellness is multilayered and focusing only on one aspect: nutritional or physical without also addressing the mental/emotional conditions that underlie the dis-ease of being unhealthy and overweight, means that nothing ever really changes with any consistency for any length of time.  So, for now, I’m going to set a few small goals and take it from here.

1st: Nutrition Goal: Replace sugared & artificially sweetened beverages with water.  I will achieve that goal by drinking 8 oz of water before I take a drink of anything else. At the end of each day I will measure how much water I drank vs how much I drank of other beverages.

2nd: Activity Goal: Walk an hour a day.  Since I have fibromyalgia and am coming from a completely sedentary way of life, I will start with ten minute walks each day for five days. Then add a additional 10 minute walks each day until I am able to walk a total of an hour in a day.  Then work my way to walking an hour at a time.

3rd: Identify one self-defeating thought or belief and create an opposing affirmation. Each day I will start off with the affirmation, “I have the energy I need to make healthy choices today.” Then, whenever the negative, self-defeating thought regarding low energy/high fatigue levels hit me, I will choose to counteract them with that affirmation.

My plan for tomorrow is to wake up and take my starting measurements, not just physically, but also measure where I am in my thoughts, feelings, and physicality.

There are two important events coming up on August 11th and the following week, that I want to be prepared for as much as possible. I have 20 days before I will be around people I was in high school with a very long time ago.  It’s an informal 25 year reunion.  I know that many of us have the middle age spread.  However, thanks to facebook, I know that many of the others who are planning on being there do not.  I know that 20 days is not enough time to actually achieve much in the physical.  However, I believe that by doing this and addressing the mental/emotional while starting on the physical, I’ll stand a better chance at actually being present and experiencing the reunion and relating to the others in the here and now.